Founded in 2008, Qimmat Al Andaluss has grown up to be among the top leaders in providing kitchen solutions in Iraq . With 5 branches covering 4 provinces Qimmat Al Andaluss serves the mid to high end market, providing a level of service that makes our customers feel like royalty. We use only the highest quality materials and match that with intelligent, beautiful and functional designs that improve the look and feel of your home. We respect and encourage customers to customize their unique options on kitchen cabinets which fully meet their real need and reflect their taste on life. Even as home styles have evolved over the years, Qimmat Al Andaluss has evolved, too, keeping step with the fashion trends of the day. This dynamic and flexible spirit, which underlies everything we do, is what has allowed us to continue growing our business and maintain our position as a kitchen solutions leader in Iraq.


Qimmat Alandaluss Group was founded in 2008,with a budget of 1 billion Iraqi dinars, and took the start widening in the horizon of the world of kitchens and its equipment in Iraq to take the lead by the high-end taste, quality and durability of products, making the mutual trust between the Group and its customers take their space in society and accommodate that requests to open branches in various parts of Iraq, and here our branches are taking spread day after day throughout Iraqi territory to announce the entry of the group into the need for services required for high levels of taste in the country.


Qimmat Alandaluss  group occupies pride of place in the field of leadership of kitchens in Iraq, which is taking  to expand by  the branches of the group that opened in a number of provinces and there is a constant expansion where there are a number of branches waiting for the opening. Quality, durability, and cadres of design experience and installation, as well as Teka Spanish devices, and German door hinges Havel, which first considered globally, has made us occupy the forefront of the field kitchens in Iraq undisputed, we constantly strive to progress and expansion, for a better tomorrow for a Iraqi family.


In Qimmat Alandaluss (Andalusia summit), we endured the Summit responsibility, as the vision of which is explained the most comprehensive of all the needs of the customer in the world of kitchens, our field expands to still always at top of the largest groups in the field kitchens on the level of Iraq, in response to the needs of customers in modern designs reflect the taste upscale for our customers and our customers and the need to communication with all our customers in Iraq to make a network of culinary services of high quality and durability specifications, where we provide Iraqi society, the best materials and designs, solid materials of high-level taste, our contribution to advancing the progress of social taste toward sophistication always in an ancient civilization and upstream, distinguished by fast processing, where the respect for the time is our strategy.